Lucie Earrings


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The Lucie earring has the shape of a rabbit’s head.
It is made of sterling silver, both manually and from castings.
All transformation processes are carried out in Montreal with the greatest care.

The price of the earrings is set per unit. This allows you to create a mismatched pair of your own!

Pssst! We named these earrings in honor of an exceptional person for whom we have a lot of admiration!

Dimensions: 12 mm width – 20 mm height – 7 mm thickness

Weight: 2,5 gr/unit

Sterling silver tarnishes quite quickly. The best way to avoid oxidizing your jewelry is to wear it regularly. Otherwise, keep it away from light and air (Ziploc bag). Avoid leaving it in the bathroom and get into the habit of taking it off to sleep. Apply all cosmetics and perfume before wearing your jewelry. It is possible to restore shine using a silver polishing cloth.

The same care tips apply for yellow bronze.

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